Our objective is to create a safe and relaxing space for our guests and staff. To ensure everyone is able to enjoy our facilities we ask that you take a moment to read the following disclaimer.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)


Staff training
All staff members are trained in the responsible service of alcohol and management support employees who adhere to RSA policies and principals.

Serving minors
Under the Liquor Act 1992 it is not permitted to serve minors alcohol. It is our policy to request evidence of age if there is any doubt that an individual is under 18 years.

Intoxicated and disorderly patrons
Management support the decision of staff not to serve unduly intoxicated patrons and will politely ask intoxicated patrons to leave safely and quietly.  Taxi arrangements can be made on request.

In the event of large events held after regular business hours there some times exists a need for additional security. In this event we will hire only licenced crowd controllers.

Incident reporting
Reports are completed and lodged for any incident on premises. Incidents can include intoxicated patrons, injuries or altercations. If there is a concern for the safety of our guests or staff our local police will be contacted.


Our premises offers designated smoking areas. Food cannot be consumed in these areas and under the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 it is illegal to smoke in enclosed public spaces or outdoor eating areas, leave cigarette butts on the ground, or to smoke within 4 metres of a building entrance.

Liquor Licence

St Lucia Golf Links is a licensed premise and therefore BYO food and beverages are not permitted. This applies on course and at hundred acre bar and Hillstone.


Course Rules

Dress code – men

  • Collared golf or sports style polo shirts
  • T-shirts, singlets and/or jerseys are not permitted
  • Shorts and pants must be neat and tidy (no denim)
  • Closed-toe footwear (no thongs or sandals)

Dress code – women

  • Neat and tidy polo shirts and sleeveless sports shirts
  • T-shirts, singlets, mid-riff or ‘active wear’ style tops are not permitted
  • Shorts, pants and skirts must be neat and tidy (no denim)
  • Closed-toe footwear (no thongs or sandals)

Speed of play

  • Please keep up with the group in front
  • Maximum four (4) players per group
  • 2.5 hours for nine (9) holes and 4.5 hours for 18 holes is acceptable pace

Food and beverages

We do not allow food and beverages purchased elsewhere to be consumed on St Lucia Golf Links premises. Those caught breaking this rule will have items confiscated and may be asked to leave the premises.